Over Us

Lily ‘n Blue has came to life in 2020.

I first met with Tango in 2009. It took over my life, in an unexpectedly good way.. Then it hit me: No matter what you do in life, the urge to be with Tango constantly drags you alongside with it.

The brand consists of the name of the founder and the sensations which Tango reflects.

Lily comes from the lotus flower – the waterlily. Lotus flower blooms beautifly on the surface of the still waters while it roots back to the muddy bottom to find the life elements it needs. Turns the mud into bright,clear colors in the most charming way.

And the Blue.. Blue is moslty associated with the melancholy feeling and decsribes the mood of being sad, melancholic.The majority of the Tango lyrics are melancholic: either tells us about a deep and unfortunate love or a painful separation of lovers.. a blue feeling.

This is how the brand name shaped and spilled out from the mouth of the beloved husband of the founder, with whom they met in Tango and merged their lives together.

Thus, here we are.
First step is clothing our feet!

Let's get started.
Nilufer & Burak

Nilufr & Burak, Founder of lily n blue, Tango in love, Tango Shoes in Love